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Our Electronic Torts Team Can Protect Your Security

There are many important aspects of tort law. One of the most important parts of these laws is that they provide privacy protections. With our phones, internet connections and all the advances we have made, our electronic mobility has improved. With those advances, electronic security has also become a growing issue.

There are more issues with internet privacy and protecting personal data and images stored on our electronic devices. Cyber bullying and harassment have become issues too. Our electronics can improve our lives. Yet, when someone uses them for retaliation or steals your personal data or publishes private or personal information without permission, there can be legal concerns. If you are dealing with these issues, contact electronic torts attorney Paul Fogarty at Fogarty Law Group PLLC.

Your Personal Data, Information And Images Should Remain Private

The firm assists businesses and individuals with a wide variety of electronic torts, including:

  • Disseminating personal data without authority
  • Harassment by use of the internet or other electronic means
  • Publishing embarrassing information or images
  • Publishing private information or images
  • Publishing untrue information or images

More people are doing online banking, making purchases over the internet and storing images and photos on their phone. Businesses are also relying on electronic information storage more these days. With those electronic advances, more people are finding ways to access and share the information illegally.

There are more opportunities for people and businesses to publish embarrassing, private or untrue information or images. Once that information becomes public, your only recourse might be to seek legal solutions.

Unfortunately, it is happening more often these days than ever before. The problems are getting worse for businesses too. According to Norton, one of the largest online security companies, the average cost of data breaches for companies worldwide is over $3.5 million. Small businesses are the frequent targets of the breaches.

It is not much better for people who have had their personal data stolen. It can be embarrassing, both personally and professionally.

Contact Us To Protect Yourself

If you are a business owner or a private party and your data was stolen or published in Washington, our legal team can help you. Our lawyer, Paul Fogarty, can also assist you and your family if you are experiencing cyber bullying or online harassment. Call our Seattle office at 866-579-3049 or email us.