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Mediation Allows You To Work For Unique Solutions

Mediation allows opposing parties to craft outcomes and devise resolutions and remedies that the legal system might not otherwise provide. Most courts in Washington and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington require parties to attempt to settle at some point before trial.

Arbitration allows the parties to agree to a private adjudication of the dispute, which gives the parties greater control over the litigation process, costs and confidentiality of the outcome.

The firm offers both arbitration and mediation services focused primarily on tort and personal injury claims and employment actions, business and commercial disputes, including those involving multiple parties and complex claims.

  • Arbitration: Mr. Fogarty is available to act as a solo or panel arbitrator. He also offers arbitration conducted by written submissions.
  • Mediation: Mr. Fogarty has completed the University of Washington School of Law Professional Mediation Skills Training Program.

Sometimes cases are not resolved at the initial mediation session. The firm is available for follow-up, such as telephone caucusing and exchanging information, as may be agreed upon by the parties after the initial session. The firm also conducts virtual mediations by telephone conference or video conferencing.

  • Fees: For both arbitration and mediation, the fee is $400 per hour divided equally among the parties unless otherwise agreed. We do not charge administrative fees or fees for obtaining the agreement of other parties to mediate or for consulting about the mediation process and scheduling the mediation. We do not charge for travel time involving round trips of 70 miles or less.
  • Facilities: There are no facility fees. For mediations involving many parties, the location of the mediation and any facility charges will be submitted to the parties for preapproval and the cost equally divided unless otherwise agreed. The proceeding can also be hosted by one of the parties, so long as all parties agree.
  • Cancellation policy: There is no cancellation fee so long as we are provided 48 hours’ written notice of cancellation. However, the parties will be billed for fees and costs incurred before notice of cancellation has been received. If less than 48 hours’ written notice is provided, the cancellation fee will be half of the originally estimated cost of the arbitration or mediation split among the parties, unless otherwise agreed.

Contact Us Today For An Initial Consultation

The firm encourages counsel for each party or parties representing themselves to confer with us in advance about the case and the mediation process. If you have any questions about our alternative dispute resolution services, please call Mr. Fogarty at 866-579-3049 or contact us online.