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Keep Defamation From Destroying Your Reputation

photo of attorney Fogarty

When someone tries to get revenge against you, they frequently work to destroy your reputation. With our electronic advances, it is getting more difficult to protect yourself if someone is trying to defame your character.

Experienced defamation attorney Paul Fogarty can protect your reputation. He can work for you in tort litigation, including defamation. From offices in downtown Seattle, he serves clients throughout Washington state and nationally.

When the reputation of a person or business is harmed by the publication of untrue statements, private information, photographs or videos, the results can be incredibly costly — both emotionally and financially. Damage to reputation can negatively impact the bottom line and can wreak havoc on an individual’s professional and personal life. With social media playing such a large role in modern life, these issues have taken on a new level of importance.

The firm assists businesses and individuals with a wide variety of electronic torts, including:

  • Disseminating personal data without authority
  • Harassment by use of the internet or other electronic means
  • Publishing embarrassing information or images
  • Publishing private information or images
  • Publishing untrue information or images

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